There's WHAT in my soap?

When did you start paying closer attention to the ingredients label on your products? I have to confess, it wasn't all that long ago for me. My daughter, Lia Evangeline was born November of 2013 and while trying to decide what I wanted to register for, the selection of baby products was utterly mind boggling. And overwhelming! When did having a child become so.....complicated? It's easy to dive headfirst into the research and get lost in the details of checking the labels and get frustrated because the affordable stuff isn't great and the great stuff isn't affordable.

So why not just make it myself?

Once I realized that I could make my own soap, balms, scrubs, and body butters I was hooked. Making them for my friends and family really spurred my awareness that so many other people were just like me: a conscious consumer.

It is that consciousness that I want to incorporate into all aspects of my work:

- Where do my ingredients come from? I try to source from organic vendors when I can and use 100% pure certified essential oils. I locally source my honey, goat's milk, and botanicals (the ones I don't grow myself) right here in Miami, Florida.

- Who does my graphics? The graphics for my shop, my facebook page, and my packaging are done by other Etsy artists.

- Where does the chemistry happen? Quite literally, it happens in my tiny little laundry room. After countless arguments with my boyfriend about the state of my tiny dining room ("Where are we supposed to EAT??"), we had to rearrange and set up a mini lab until we can find a better location (bigger house!).

Each item is handmade by me, packaged by me by me and placed in the mail directly to you.

If I can help make your day brighter, softer, easier, and more conscious....then I have fulfilled my duty.
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